Do Americans go to Mexico for plastic surgery? Yes! Here is why. 

3 July, 2024by Adrian Nieto0

Do Americans go to Mexico for plastic surgery? Yes! Here is why. 

Thousands of Americans travel to Mexico for plastic surgery every year, medical tourism is a thriving industry. What better way to save money on cosmetic procedures in Cancun and enjoy a fabulous vacation recovery! World-class board certified plastic surgeons at a fraction of the price with dreamy results:


  1. Significant Cost Savings: Medical procedures are up to 70% more affordable compared to the U.S. and Canada.
  2. World-Class Medical Facilities: Hospitals and clinics that meet and exceed international standards.
  3. Expert Surgeons: Highly-trained, board-certified plastic surgeons.
  4. Surgery and Vacation Combo: Enjoy recovery in stunning locations like Cancun.
  5. Exceptional Personalized Care: Receive warm, attentive, and patient-centered healthcare.


1. Cost Savings of Plastic Surgery in Mexico: The Top Reason Americans Choose Cancun

Millions of Americans opt for plastic surgery in Mexico, with Cancun being one of the top destinations for medical tourism. One of the primary reasons is the significant cost savings. Cosmetic procedures in Mexico can cost 50-70% less compared to the United States, without compromising on quality. These all-inclusive care packages provide exceptional value, making high-quality plastic surgery in Mexico for Americans more accessible.


2. World-class Medical Facilities in Mexico: Advanced Plastic Surgery Clinics in Cancun

Mexico is home to world-class medical facilities and highly skilled, board-certified surgeons specializing in cosmetic procedures. Clinics in popular medical tourism spots like Cancun are equipped with cutting-edge technology and meet international standards of care. The Riviera Institute for Plastic Surgery, located in the modern Cancun Galenia Hospital—a JCI accredited facility—is one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Mexico with the top-tier medical services available.


3. Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico: Expertise and Excellence

Mexican plastic surgeons are well-known for their expertise and adherence to the highest standards of care. The doctors at Riviera Institute for Plastic Surgery have trained at the most prestigious schools, ensuring they are up to date with important advancements and certifications. With state-of-the-art technology and strict compliance with international medical standards, these surgeons provide top-quality care. Americans looking for plastic surgery in Mexico appreciate the personalized attention and warm, patient-focused approach.

4. Combine Plastic Surgery in Cancun with a Restorative Vacation

Cancun and the Riviera Maya is one of the top destinations in the world for medical tourism, offering the ideal blend of healing and relaxation. Cancun is famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, making it the perfect place in paradise to recover and rejuvenate. Imagine recuperating with the soothing sound of ocean waves and sipping cool hibiscus tea on the beach—a truly blissful experience. Bikini body by the beach, yes, that is totally a thing and you totally deserve it. 

5. Exceptional Personalized Care: The Hallmark of Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical tourism clinics in Mexico are known for their warm, personalized approach to patient care. Unlike larger healthcare systems in the USA, Mexican doctors and nurses take their time with patients, ensuring all your questions are answered and you feel comfortable and relaxed. The team at the Riviera Institute for Plastic Surgery Cancun brings you this warm Mexican hospitality from consultation through recovery and through your entire transformative journey from facelifts in Cancun to full Mommy Makeovers in Mexico, you will look and feel your best. 


Americans choosing to undergo plastic surgery in Mexico is a major decision, and selecting the right destination is crucial. Cancun offers a perfect combination of affordability, top-tier medical care, and the opportunity for relaxation in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. So, do Americans go to Mexico for plastic surgery? Yes, the smart ones do!


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