Dr. David


Certified Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon in Cancun, Mexico.

“I strive to provide attractive surgical outcomes that naturally integrate with a person’s age, body type, and lifestyle.”


Only the best for you!

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    The team’s medical training, experience and certification as active members of the country’s plastic surgery council gave me the confidence to put myself in their hands and with the hospital where they perform the procedures, regardless of the treatment and connection I had with them, which is fundamental.

    Dr David's

    I am a native of Bogotá, Colombia, and have lived in Mexico for 6 years.

    I completed my medical studies at the University of Caldas, Colombia. Subsequently, I specialized in general surgery at the General Hospital of Mexico for 2 years and the subspecialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the ISSEMyM Medical Center in Toluca.

    During my subspecialty, the focus was on reconstructive and aesthetic procedures of the breast, as well as facial and body procedures mainly in the breast and rhinoplasty, which were reinforced during the fellowship at the Clínica Planas in Barcelona, Spain.

    Besides surgery, in my free time, I enjoy taking pictures and reading.
    I will be willing to answer your questions and accompany you in your surgical process at our institute.

    English-Speaking Plastic Surgeon

    • Certifications
    • Accreditations
    • Medical Card: 13611122
    • Plastic Surgeon Specialist Medical Card: 13571777
    • Certification: 2470
    • Certified physician by The Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
    • Member of the Latin American Foundation of Plastic Surgery

    Medical Consultation

    Get a consultation via videoconference with Dr. Mandolado to learn more about your surgery plans.

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    Karen Cardoso

    Excellent work team, very professional and human quality, unparalleled attention.

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    Edgar Lechuga Rivero

    The service is very professional and gives confidence. Excellent Doctors.

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    Cleo Saad

    All doctors highly recommended!! 👌🏻

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    Ruben Dominguez

    Excellent treatment and professionalism


    Our group of plastic surgeons and dedicated support staff strive to provide beautiful, natural-looking results and a rewarding patient experience for everyone who visits us for cosmetic surgery.

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