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Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Due to the outstanding reputation of private clinics and plastic surgeons, the plastic surgery sector in Mexico has experienced a huge boom in recent years. To the point where it has become one of the foremost destinations for plastic surgery in the world.

The main reasons to consider Mexico when you are looking for the best option for plastic surgery are undoubtedly its professional excellence, the exquisite Latin sense of aesthetics of its surgeons and the cost savings.

In essence, plastic surgery procedures in Mexico are much less expensive than in countries such as the United States, France or the United Kingdom, while offering hospital infrastructure of the same level, and surgeons with the same or greater expertise. Thus, extraordinary results are achieved at only a fraction of what it would cost in those countries. There are many economic factors that result in this benefit in prices.

At the beginning of this boom in medical tourism, many doctors offering their services in Mexico attended training courses and lectures in Europe or the United States. Over the years, these global events have been carried out more frequently in Brazil and Mexico, since the innovation in surgical techniques within these countries has become highly competitive.

Some of the benefits of having plastic surgery in Mexico are a shorter wait time, the ability to enjoy your recovery in an exceptional setting and the tourist attractions, cost, and discretion that allows you the possibility of enjoying a trip while returning home with a spectacular body.

From Conventional Tourism To Medical Tourism

Mexico is a tourist destination without equal; there is nothing that compares to the beauty of its landscapes, balmy climates throughout its territory, the warmth and hospitality of its people, its historical culture, archaeological centers, and so on.

Combining a tourist visit with a plastic surgery at a lower price has transformed Mexico into one of the favorite countries of more and more international patients. Consequently, the variety of destinations and plastic surgery alternatives means that no one is left without satisfying even the highest demands.

Where Is Plastic Surgery Practiced In Mexico?

Plastic surgery started in Mexico City; then the big cities like Guadalajara and Monterrey followed the trend to the point where other tourist destinations such as beaches and border cities have been included. Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juárez are just some of the cities that regularly receive travelers from the United States and the rest of the world.

Here are the advantages of each destination that offers plastic surgery in Mexico:


Monterrey is considered a true destination for those who wish to undergo a procedure, mostly for visitors from the east coast of the United States. This important industrial city boasts resources above the national average, such as cutting-edge technology, human talent and a great quality of life.


The offer of private hospitals in Guadalajara, its spas, hotels, convention centers and its project to become the Mexican Silicon Valley, have transformed this city into an important destination in the country, not to mention that the main schools of plastic surgery in Mexico can be found here.

Mexico City

The capital of the country cannot be left out of this list of important destinations for medical tourism. The city offers a wide variety of hospitals and first-class clinics that have the equipment and infrastructure necessary to satisfy even the most demanding of tourists from around the world who visit it. In addition, this is the main urban, social, political, academic, economic, tourist, artistic, business and cultural center of the country. Its magnificent hotels and restaurants always conquer its visitors from all over the world.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has achieved an international reputation due to the gastronomical excellence that defines the city, as well as the beauty of the Marietas Islands. As for their plastic surgery clinics, these have not yet been developed as fully as in the main cities.

Tijuana And Ciudad Juárez

The geographical location of these cities that are so close to the border and particularly close to California, makes them ideal for the many American citizens that aspire to work in the film industry and on TV since they are attracted above all by the lower cost. That is why in these destinations it is very important to be well informed about the accreditations and certifications of the procedures, the supplies used in the operating room, the infrastructure of the hospitals, and above all the recognition of the doctors and their trajectory so that the results do not put your health at risk. In addition, there are excellent doctors of all specialties which makes these a couple of destinations that are not exclusively focused on plastic surgery and beauty.


Cancun is the favorite destination for travelers from all over the world due to the unique beauty of its beaches and the diversity of its nature, reefs, and cenotes. In addition, its ruins and archaeological sites offer tourists a further attraction.

The rapid growth of the city has been accompanied by the establishment of world-class clinics and hospitals, to the point that, since 2010, it has reached a level that allows it to compete with the main cities of medical tourism internationally, destinations such as Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, and Mumbai. It is in this city where the Rivera Institute of Plastic Surgery has positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery since Dr. Benavides is one of the first doctors to offer these services with more than 25 years of experience, even though the city was just founded in 1971.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos has has been delineated as a luxury and glamorous holiday city with wonderful hotels and restaurants that offer incredible views and the best yacht rides. It is always possible to take advantage of your visit to undergo a plastic surgery that will offer you a better quality of life. The Rivera Institute of Plastic Surgery has a branch in this city since many patients request services from here. When visiting Los Cabos, be sure to ask about the dates on which our medical team will be in this incomparable destination before scheduling your trip.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Aesthetic procedures in Mexico can include both plastic surgeries and non-surgical treatments. Our surgery plans are designed for people who not only want to improve their appearance but also for those who require plastic and reconstructive surgeries due to accidents, genetic defects, and other injuries.

By placing yourself in the hands of our medical team at the Riviera Institute of Plastic Surgery, you can achieve your dreams with affordable and quality packages, coupled with care and service that reflect years of experience. Also, you can always accompany your plastic surgery with a nice vacation and time to rest and relax.

The moment to look amazing is now! Mexico is the foremost world destination for medical tourism and plastic surgery retreats! Mexico is one of the top ten world destinations for plastic surgery and medical tourism! Call and make your appointment now!

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