Breast Lift
in Cancun

Raise the bust and give it a more aesthetic shape and a firmer consistency.

What is
Breast Lift Surgery?

This surgery, also known as mastopexy, raises the bust and gives it a more aesthetic shape and a firmer consistency.

There are different surgical techniques available according to the objective sought, young patients with tubular, asymmetric, or post-lactation breasts, weight loss or ageing patients with sagging with loss of volume.

Benefits of
Breast Lift

Not only does it raise the breast, you can also change the shape of the breast and areola, stretching the skin if flaccid. It can be combined with an implant to give volume especially in the upper portion of the breast.

How is
Breast Lift done?

The surgical technique is chosen depending on the surgical plan designed for each patient. Considering the number of centimetres needed to lift the nipple and the characteristics of the breast shape and type of skin. When a few centimetres rise is required and the skin is not flaccid, a circular periareolar technique could be used resulting in a round scar at the edge of the areola.

When there is flaccidity and we want to raise the nipple further, the technique will be vertical mastopexy resulting in a round scar at the edge of the areola and a vertical one that descends to the lower mammary groove.

And when the flaccidity is even greater and the nipple must be raised many centimetres, the technique will be mastopexy in an anchor or inverted T, resulting in a round scar at the edge of the areola, one vertical to the furrow and a horizontal one in the mammalian furrow. All these techniques can be used alone or with the placement of an implant to give more volume or achieve a full upper breast pole.

and Recovery

The results are immediate and the inflammation gradually disappears leaving the final result in 6 months. The scars gradually diminish until it becomes almost imperceptible in a year.

A special bra is indicated after surgery for two or three weeks.

You can return to sports activities 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure.

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    Frequently Asked
    Questions of Breast Lift

    Days to stay
    • 1 day at Hospital
    • 14 days in Cancun
    Is it true that I will lose the sensitivity of my nipples?

    No, there might be a slight change of sensitivity that improves over time due to the healing process.

    Will I have noticeable scars?

    No, the areolar scars are generally minor and there are treatments to diminish its visibility and make it almost imperceptible.

    Will I have complications during breastfeeding if I have children?

    The surgery does not affect the normal functioning of the glands. However, it is not advisable to have children after this surgery because the result can be compromised.

    How long does the effect of a mastopexy last?

    The result is permanent but are affected by skin type, weight change and age, in the cases of mastopexy combined with breast implants the results last longer.

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