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Reposition the face and neck muscles and remove the excess skin.

What is a

This surgery is also called Rhytidectomy and it is used to reposition the muscles and remove the excess skin of the face and neck. As years go by, face muscles and skin sag and form a double chin, wrinkles on the cheeks, nasolabial folds (expression lines that goes from the nose to the corners of the mouth) and “marionette lines” (from the corner of the mouth to the chin).

Benefits of a

This procedure gives you a youthful and restored appearance far more noticeable than nonsurgical treatments. A Facelift is for severe cases that cannot be solved by facial fillers and Botox treatments. Although, those procedures can be complementary to this surgery as well.

How is a
Facelift done?

The surgery begins with incisions made in the front and inside of the ear, the incision line follows surrounding the lobe till the groove behind the ear. The skin is peeled off and the muscles are rearranged to the expected position. Excess skin is removed and the incisions are closed.

When the procedure is completed, a bandage or postoperative garment is placed around the face and neck to reduce swelling and bruising. In some cases, a small drain is placed to prevent fluid accumulation.

and Recovery

Inflammation disappears over a period of 4 to 6 weeks and through the first 6 months you may notice gradual changes in terms of the appearance until the final permanent appearance.

The surgery is usually done with an overnight hospital stay. There may be two small drains placed and then removed the day after the procedure, the sutures will be removed a week later. We remind you that personal care and attention to medical indications permit a much faster recovery.

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    Things to Know:
    Cancun Facelift

    Days to stay
    • 1 day at hospital
    • 5 days in Cancun
    Will the natural shape of my face change?
    The shape of the face is maintained, but the features are more youthful because the skin is no longer flaccid.
    How can I achieve the best results?

    Keeping your skin well cared after the surgery by following the medical indications.

    How long does the effect of a facelift last?

    The effect is permanent but does not stop the ageing process.

    Benefits of Getting
    Facelift in Cancun, Mexico

    Cancun is the best city in Mexico to get a Facelift.

    Are you dreaming of a sculpted silhouette and a rejuvenated self-image? Consider the transformative benefits of Facelift in the beautiful surroundings of Cancun, where luxury meets expertise in cosmetic surgery.

    Why Choose Facelift in Cancun?

    1. Experienced Surgeons: Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons in Cancun boasts extensive experience and international qualifications. Rest assured, your journey to a slimmer you is guided by skilled hands.
    2. Cost-Effective Solutions: Enjoy the same high-quality Facelift procedure at a fraction of the cost compared to many Western countries. Take advantage of the favorable exchange rates and affordable medical services in Cancun.
    3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our modern, accredited facilities adhere to international standards for safety and hygiene. Cutting-edge equipment and technology ensure your Facelift experience is both safe and effective.
    4. Recovery in Paradise: Imagine recovering amidst the sun-kissed beaches and lush landscapes of Cancun. The warm climate and serene environment can contribute to a more comfortable and relaxing recuperation.
    5. Privacy Away from Home: Experience the procedure with a sense of privacy away from your local community. Cancun provides a discreet and tranquil setting for your transformative journey.
    6. Combine Healing with Vacation: After the initial healing period, explore the vibrant culture and attractions of Cancun. Turn your recovery into a rejuvenating vacation and return home not only with a new body but also with cherished memories.

    Your Transformation Awaits!

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    Face Lift

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