Buttock Implants
in Cancun

Achieve a desired volume or shape of the buttocks, it can be through the infiltration of fat from the same patient or with the use of implants.

What is
Buttock Implants?

The Buttock Implant, gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation is the procedure to achieve a desired volume or shape of the buttocks, it can be through the infiltration of fat from the same patient or with the use of implants.

Benefits of
Buttock Implants

To have more firmness, volume and better shape in the gluteal region.

How is a
Buttock Implants procedure done?

There are three types of techniques that can be used depending on each case: lipoinjection, placement of implants and placement of threads. Lipoinjection is using the patient’s own fat extracted by a conventional liposuction procedure from other areas of the body that are programed to be reshaped, after a process of preparation of the extracted fat, it is injected into the intramuscular and subcutaneous gluteus.

In the case of implants, two incisions are made in the intergluteal groove and placed below the gluteus maximus muscle or below the gluteal fascia.

The threads are placed through a small intergluteal incision and are usually combined with fat injection.

and Recovery

The stay in the hospital is usually one night.

Recovery is different for each type of surgery, but in all of them, the recovery time it is two weeks to one month with a gradual increase in activities. Avoid physical exercise for 6 weeks.

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    Frequently Asked
    Questions of Buttock Implants

    Days to stay
    • 1 day at Hospital
    • 21 days in Cancun
    What is the ideal age for this procedure?

    There is no age limitation, as long as the patient is in good condition and the preoperative studies validate the patient’s health.

    What is the technique known as Brazilian Butt Lift?

    This technique is the lipoinjection of fat extracted from another area of the body to increase the volume of the glutes without the use of implants.

    What is the ideal technique for me?

    Depending on your complexion, height, age and goals this decision will be made. So, it is important to have very clear the improvement you want to achieve in this area of the body in order to make the best surgical plan for you at the medical consultation.

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