Medical Tourism
in Cancun

Medical tourism has exploded in recent years due to the ever-growing globalization of our society. Products and services that were once local can be marketed to people all over the world with the simple click of a button. A brief internet search can provide several previously unknown options for patients who want plastic surgery.

To get their share of the billions of dollars spent on plastic surgery, organizations in cities like Cancun, Mexico are marketing medical treatment and services to prove they are legitimate medical destinations.

The result is a higher level of care as competition grows. To stay viable and compete, medical facilities must provide care that is not only high-quality, but reasonably priced as well.

The Increase in Popularity of
Medical Tourism

Plastic surgery in other countries and medical tourism have become so popular, organizations have formed to ensure transparent information is shared with consumers. For example, the Medical Tourism Association works with insurance companies, healthcare companies, and federal departments in their international patient initiatives.

As the field continues to focus on providing specialized treatments that aren’t available in the U.S., the growth of medical tourism will persist. The Federal Drug Administration still has not yet approved certain procedures that involve stem cells or practices that can restore orthopedic health.

There is a widespread belief in the industry. The more patients travel to other countries and return with successful results, the greater the likelihood word of mouth alone will increase the number of potential patients who are genuinely interested in plastic surgery.

What You Need to Know
Before Getting a Procedure

Essentially, medical tourism is traveling to another country for medical care. Consumers by the millions are packing their luggage and traveling to destinations that offer less expensive care. But as with any medical procedure, there are risks as well as benefits.

For most patients, particularly those without insurance, the obvious benefit is the money they will save. A person can save thousands of dollars by opting to travel for a procedure. In many cases, venturing to another country is a sound fiscal decision even after other expenses, like travel, are taken into consideration.

Unfortunately, crossing an international border for plastic surgery can make the lines of responsibility, accountability, and accreditation a bit blurry. Don’t focus on saving money. You don’t want to choose a facility that will take shortcuts or isn’t up to date. Medical standards upheld by the government will vary from country to country, so make sure you perform your due diligence before choosing a destination.

Your quality of care may also be affected by language barriers. Ensure you choose a location that speaks your native language if you are not fluent in theirs. The last things you want in this situation are medical details that are miscommunicated in translation. Both the doctor and you want to be crystal clear on your personal history, prescription strength, doses, and the procedure being performed.

Finally, it’s important to know your insurance will not cover care in another country that isn’t an emergency. Occasionally, even emergencies are not covered. If you make the decision to have plastic surgery in another country, prepare to pay out of pocket and have the funds available at the time of service.

Cost Advantages of Getting a
Procedure in Mexico

Increasing numbers of Americans are choosing to visit Mexico for their medical procedures. Prices are in favor of the consumer. Treatments, for the most part, are performed with a very high standard.

At the end of the day, the choice ultimately boils down to cost. Mexico, Cancun specifically, is one of the most inexpensive locations in the field of medical tourism. Not only can you have work done, but you can have it completed while on vacation! In Cancun, you have the benefit of recuperating in the sun at a fraction of the cost when compared to having the same procedure done in the U.S.

On average, patients will save over 50% for plastic surgery in Cancun.

Common Misconceptions About
Plastic Surgery

Medical tourism accounted for over 23 million total procedures in 2017. Clearly the demand is very high, and Mexico is one of the leaders in the field. However, there are still some misconceptions about the industry and what plastic surgery is.

  1. People who opt for plastic surgery are not “fake” or superficial, which is the most common misconception. A patient may have a birth defect or a physical abnormality they have dealt with all their life. Or they may have chosen to fight the aging process. Regardless of the reason, balancing how we see ourselves on the outside with what we feel on the inside is always a challenge. Most people who have work done do so to feel like themselves, not to be someone else.
  2. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not the same. Both have different specialties. The former concentrates its focus on repairing a defect or reconstructing a part of the body, so it has a normal function and aesthetic. The latter strictly focuses on enhancing a person’s appearance.
  3. Plastic surgery is no longer a luxury for the wealthy. It is sought after by people with a wide range of financial resources. With the proper strategy, many patients save the money they need within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. The misconception that people see that you had work done also exists in society. If you choose the right doctor and the right facility, you can easily achieve natural-looking results and enhance the beauty you were born with. People may notice something different, but it will be an increased level of confidence.

Since any properly licensed physician can perform a procedure, it is very important that you do a significant amount of research. Not only investigate doctors to find the most qualified, but also read reviews about the facility itself. Our knowledgeable staff have the experience, training and proven competence to give you the best results. Contact us today for a consultation.

Galenia Hospital

Specialty Hospital awarded with three international accreditations, the best in the state. This modern center has advanced medical technology, a highly trained medical team and nursing staff providing personalized service.

Four Points by Sheraton Cancun Downtown

An ideal location near to numerous attractions, shopping centers, restaurants and bars. Cancun International Airport is only 12 kilometers away. Both the hotel and the hospital are located in the Siké district; a prestigious residential area in the city.

We are globally recognized for having a direct connection between the hotel and the hospital through a corridor.

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