Tummy Tuck
in Mexico

Correct saggy abdominal skin, stretch marks and the separation of the abdominal muscles and have a flat abdomen.

What is a
Tummy Tuck?

Achieving a flat abdomen is one of the most common desires in patients.

This surgery (also known as abdominoplasty and lipectomy) corrects saggy abdominal skin, some stretch marks and the separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis), all of which are frequent consequences of pregnancy, weight change or aging. You can also correct Umbilical hernias in this surgery.

Benefits of
Tummy Tuck in Mexico

Recover muscle tension and tension of the abdominal skin by removing the excess skin. It flattens your abdomen and improves the appearance, increases physical performance and decreases the feeling of tiredness while standing (a common symptom of flabby abdomens).

How is a
Mexico Tummy Tuck done?

It begins with an incision above the pubis to both sides of the hip, then abdominal excess skin and fat are removed, the surgeon corrects the position of the abdominal muscles if needed, allowing greater firmness in the abdominal wall. Umbilical hernia is corrected if needed, and the incisions are closed creating a new navel.

The size of the incision depends on the amount of skin removed. Each patient has special needs, the most precise and accurate information for you can be provided at the medical consultation.

Mexico Tummy Tuck
Results & Recovery

Hospitalization is normally one or two days. After the surgery, dressings are placed and a belt designed to decrease natural inflammation of the procedure, with drains remaining for 3 to 5 days.

You can return to your regular activities in 2 or 3 weeks. The results are noticeable immediately and the end result takes a few months.

The scar can be covered by the bikini line, and depending on postoperative care and patient genetics it becomes almost imperceptible approximately one year later.

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    Things to Know
    Mexico Tummy Tuck

    Days to stay
    • 2 days at Hospital
    • 15 days in Cancun
    Is it possible to perform this surgery in patients with obesity?

    Yes, but when you are not at your ideal weight the results are not optimal since the objective of this procedure is to correct saggy skin. Moreover, this surgery is not a substitute for diet and exercise.

    Can I have more children?

    This procedure is recommended when you don’t want to have more children, a new pregnancy can cause changes in skin tension, affecting the improvement of the procedure.

    Will I have noticeable scars?

    The scar is along the bikini line and inside the navel. The characteristics of the scar are determined by genetics of each patient, but it is very important to apply sheets of silicone gel during the first months to reduce its visibility, in some cases the use of radio frequency is recommended as well as infiltrations with corticosteroids and/or bleaching creams for a better and faster scar recovery result.

    How long does the effect of this surgery last?

    The result is permanent but you must be careful of your weight to maintain the result of the surgery.

    Benefits of Getting
    Tumy Tuck in Mexico

    Cancun is the best city in Mexico for Tummy Tuck.

    Choosing to undergo Tummy Tuck surgery in Cancun involves careful consideration of various factors.

    Here are some potential benefits of getting tummy tuck implants in Cancun:

    1. Cost Savings: Medical procedures, including Tummy Tuck, may be more affordable in Cancun compared to many Western countries. The cost of living and medical services can be lower, providing an opportunity for cost savings.
    2. Experienced Surgeons: Cancun has become a destination for medical tourism, attracting skilled and experienced plastic surgeons. Many surgeons in the area may have international qualifications and certifications, ensuring a high level of expertise.
    3. Modern Facilities: Some medical facilities in Cancun cater specifically to medical tourists and boast modern equipment and facilities. These facilities may meet or exceed international standards.
    4. Recovery in a Relaxing Environment: The warm climate and picturesque surroundings of Cancun can contribute to a more serene and relaxing environment during the recovery period. A peaceful setting may enhance the overall recovery experience.
    5. Privacy: Choosing to undergo Tummy Tuck surgery away from your local community can offer a level of privacy. Traveling to Cancun for the procedure may provide a sense of anonymity.
    6. Combining Recovery with Vacation: Many individuals opt to combine their recovery with a vacation. After the initial healing period, patients can enjoy the attractions and amenities that Cancun has to offer.

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    Tummy Tuck

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