Corrects the shape and projection of ears that are too prominent.

What is an Ear Surgery?

This surgery is also known as Otoplasty or Auriculoplasty and it corrects the shape and projection of ears that are too prominent.

Benefits of Ear Surgery

It improves the appearance, the self-esteem and often personal relationships. It is a frequent surgery for school-age children and also adults.

The surgery improves the form and projection of the ears curving the antihelix so that they are closer to the head.

How is an Ear Surgery done?

It can under local anesthesia in adults or under general anesthesia in children.

The skin of the posterior sulcus of the ear is resected, the cartilage is detached and cut at the junction of the helix and the antihelix. The pre-cartilage skin is removed, the anterior face of the cartilage is removed by removing the perichondrium which produces the curvature in the place we designed during the surgical plan. The ear is fixed to the head, usually after resection of the retroauricular muscles. The wound is sutured and a cotton mold is placed with an occlusive bandage on the ear that is removed in 48 hours.

Recovery and results of Ear Surgery

The results are seen immediately, although there is a healing process and inflammation that gradually decreases. You can return to your daily activities 3 days after the procedure. The ears may remain swollen and with some bruising (ecchymosis) for 2 weeks.

It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions so that the result of the surgery is not compromised during your recovery. The final result is achieved after 1 to 2 months.