Picture of Breast Reconstruction

Rebuild the natural shape and appearance of the breast, usually after a mastectomy, a consequence of breast cancer.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction is a surgical procedure that, as the name implies, rebuilds the natural shape and appearance of the breast, usually after a mastectomy, a consequence of breast cancer. Mastectomy results often give an appearance that discourages patients and that is why this surgery is recommended.

Usually after some interventions, the shape and appearance of the breast affected by the cancer is largely recovered. There are several methods of reconstruction depending on the condition of the patient after the cancer treatment.

it is well advised to attend to a medical consultation with a plastic surgeon before the mastectomy takes place, this allows the surgeon to plan carefully the reconstruction and choose the optimal surgical technique. Sometimes breast reconstruction can begin in the same surgical time of the mastectomy.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

To permanently recover a harmonious and symmetrical shape.

Allow the use of swimsuits and other garments that make you feel more comfortable.

Find contentment with your body and renew your appreciation of yourself after cancer.

How is the Breast Reconstruction done?

The technique to be implemented will depend on each patient surgical plan. An expander can be used under the pectoral muscle, which slowly will be inflating the area to create the space needed to place a prosthesis in a second intervention. In some patients, an expander can be used, thus avoiding the second step.

The procedure can use tissue from your abdomen, TRAM flap or the back dorsal muscle flap. There is a final stage where a nipple is created in the reconstructed breast, also skin grafts are used to create the areola. In some cases, the other breast is molded so that both have the same appearance.

The reconstruction procedure can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy, depending on the type of surgery indicated by the oncologist.

Results and Recovery

Most patients have 2 days of hospitalization, 2 weeks of recovery at home and 2 months to return to normal activities. It depends on the type of surgery.

The breast is always a symbol of a woman’s femininity, not having them deeply affects the emotional body, so rebuilding the breast(s) improves not only the physical appearance, but also their self-esteem and quality of life.