Picture of Dr. Maria Fernanda Serna


Dr. Maria Fernanda Serna

Our most active member at the Institute is Dr. Fernanda because she runs a Pain Management Clinic beside the work with our Plastic Surgeons, she is married to Dr. Nain Maldonado and they make a great team together. They are also from the Mexico city area but decided to have their family in a smaller and yet good infrastructured city as Cancun is.

She is ex-president of the Anesthesiologist board of the State of Quintana Roo and have several sub-specialties in Anesthiesia, such as Pediatric Anesthesia, Interventional Pain Management, Palliative Care and one of the very few doctors authorized in the use of narcotics in Cancun.


  • Medical Card: 5084140
  • Anesthesiologist Specialist Medical Card: 7930528